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Summit’s ‘Innovation Factory’ and Big Data Analytics Accelerate ESP Technology Development

Summit's 'Innovation Factory' and Big Data Analytics Accelerate ESP Technology Development

When I think of the ultimate teamwork in sports, the San Antonio Spurs come to mind first. Sure there are some famous individuals: Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker and others. But the Spurs have repeatedly won championships by plugging various players into their ultimate teamwork model. 

Passing the ball to the open man on offense. Switching off on defense to stop drives to the basket. Every player is trained by coach Gregg Popovich to work as part of a team in order to reach the highest goal—winning games and collecting championships. They’ve done this repeatedly over the years.

At Summit ESP we have that same goal deeply embedded in our DNA. We’re doing whatever it takes to make the best products for our clients because we want to be the best ESP company the market has ever seen.

"Our competitors may have had a head start, but we’re in the passing lane and we expect to blow right by them very soon."

We’re not number one—yet. Our competitors may have had a head start, but we’re in the passing lane and we expect to blow right by them very soon.

Our pedal to the metal mindset is the impetus behind what we call the “Innovation Factory.” Unlike a previous company I worked for, where territorialism was the daily cliff to climb, Summit has created an efficient, collaborative environment between engineering and operations. Our Big Data Analytics and Automation ensure that all departments are on the same page. Teamwork!

Engineering and R&D staffs actually overlap, freeing the flow of energy and ideas across departments. This is vital because some ideas that look great on paper end up needing some tweaking and refining before they’re ready to be put into our ESPs. With everybody completely zeroed in on the goal, no one is defensive about their idea—they WANT to see it improved on before it hits the marketplace.

At our “Innovation Factory” we do a lot of our development in-house. At the same time, we’re not afraid to involve outside testing facilities in order to make sure our innovations stand up to the harsh and demanding realities of the oil field.

As a result of this process we have SO many great new capabilities already in place, including slurry loop, cable pressure vessel, motor dyno and a full-fledged R&D machine shop. Very soon we’ll be bringing our hot loop on line as well. That will let us test, measure and design the next generation of equipment—also in-house. Our new high-temp motor line already passed some external laboratories regimens and we will soon really put it to the test in these new labs.

We also expect to have a gas loop system in place this summer.  With our full suite of harsh environmental test labs, we will continue to push the performance envelope in our client’s unconventional plays with their associated ever growing sand volumes, gas percentages and cycling tendencies. 

See what I mean? As much as we’re making ESPs, we’re really making ideas—improvements—innovations. All of which will help our clients produce more oil more efficiently, as the market dictates.

And that, in turn, will help us work together to become the number one ESP provider ever!

That’s teamwork Coach Pop would be proud of.


Walter Dinkins - Manager Technical Support

Mr. Dinkins has more than 20 years of technical experience in the electrical submersible pump industry related to downhole and top-side ESP design, applications, reliability, training and research.