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The Gold Standard: Increasing Your Production Is in Our DNA

The Gold Standard: Increasing Your Production Is in Our DNA

At Summit ESP we know that when our customers succeed we succeed. That’s why we’re fanatical about providing the best service: the Gold Standard of Service.
Southern Region Field Service Manager

Chris Redman

Summit’s Gold Standard of Service is more than just an initiative or a mindset – it’s a culture. We modeled the idea after a five-star hotel chain. The hotel strives to deliver the best quality service in their industry. From the moment you pull up to their door to check in, until the time you check out, they go above and beyond to make you feel like there’s no other place you would rather stay.

At Summit, we’ve taken this approach to the oilfield by providing best-in-class service from the second the customer first calls in, up until the equipment has been installed and is in operation. Just as safety has been woven into the fabric of Summit, The Gold Standard of service is something that is part of our DNA. It goes beyond simply picking up the phone when you call or being onsite when you need us. It’s about actively looking for ways to do our job better so that you can do your job better.

We fulfill our commitment to the Gold Standard by providing superior performance in following areas:

Customer Service – Under the Gold Standard, every employee’s goal is to exceed our customer expectations through best-in-class product performance, service excellence, and empowerment by Summit ESP management to provide immediate solutions to customer needs.

Summit Surveillance

Field Service – From the beginning of our jobs to the end (install to pull), we implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that our competitors don’t. Some of these include pre-job checklists, ABBY tickets, pictures, and SK reports. Additionally, after the install service, with the assistance of the Dispatch Application, and the dedication and expertise of our field service technicians, we’re able to give our customers same-day service to help eliminate downtime, which is something our competitors cannot say with 100% certainty that they can provide.

SOP Implementation and Adaptation – Our Field Service group can easily adapt to any situation that arises in the field. From the management level to the spooler level, we can rewrite SOPs to best serve our customers, and have them implemented and followed in the field in a matter of days.

Separating from the competition

In the oil and gas industry, with so many companies providing similar services, the Gold Standard is what sets SummitESP apart from the competition.

Operators suffer as service companies continue to implement cost-savings measures in the prolonged downturn. At Summit we take the opposite approach.  We know that when our customers succeed we succeed. The Gold Standard is the glue that keeps us focused on our continuing to raise operators expectations. It’s our lifeblood and DNA. 

Southern Region Field Service Manager

Chris Redman has more than 20 years domestic oil field experience with the last 9 in the esp industry. Chris joined Summit in 2012 and has managed the Southern region field service group for the last 3 ½ years.