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As We Did in the US, We’re Now Raising Standards of Products and Service in International Markets

As We Did in the US, We're Now Raising Standards of Products and Service in International Markets

As a company Summit ESP has always been committed to going over and above in product design, technology and long-term service. Our US clients have come to rely on us in all these areas. Now we are moving into international markets with those same values—and our early clients are very pleased!

Mike Giordano

A company in Mexico kept having to replace equipment they’d bought from another company.

We sent a team to their site to thoroughly evaluate the power grid and the ESP system. The Summit experts discovered that their existing equipment lacked a critical harmonics filter designed to protect the motor from power issues

We’re partnering with a company in Guatemala to provide creative solutions to production issues that can keep costs in line while providing top quality service. For example, we are retro-fitting the customer’s existing pumps so they’ll fit our HPS systems. That way they don’t have to buy complete systems.

To make sure this idea worked, we sent an HPS engineer to their facility to carefully measure every fitting to make sure it would work. The customer was very pleased with our out-of-the-box thinking and our total dedication to customer service. The client, a multinational service firm, is considering recommending Summit to their locations in other countries.

We’re also winning new friends with our speed of service. With their previous supplier that client in Mexico had been waiting for three months or more for pumps. We’re able to deliver our pumps to their forwarder on the US-Mexico border in Laredo in about one week.

That’s almost three months of production they’re not losing to manufacturing delays anymore, thanks to our dedicated manufacturing people. This company has already ordered 13 systems from us, with the likelihood of more in the future.

"We’re not simply managing our international business from a desk in Oklahoma. We’re going on site; "

We’re not simply managing our international business from a desk in Oklahoma. We’re going on site; we’re hiring all levels of personnel from the local markets, then training them on our equipment and company philosophy. That helps us make sure we’re providing exactly the service and the equipment each country needs.

Why are we having such success in a new venture? Our total dedication to success for our clients means we plan carefully before we start out. It’s the way Summit as a whole began—the company existed for several years learning, planning and designing before making pump one.

Similarly, we waited until we had a proven product and we had all of our processes and procedures running smoothly before going international. No matter where the client is, we use the same, proven tracking systems for tickets that we use here. That way we can assure every client of the best quality products, flawless service and problem-solving design that boost production and keep costs to a minimum.

With additional quotes out in South America, the Middle East and elsewhere, we’re looking for our international business to continue to grow as we continue to provide the best equipment and the best service of any company in the business.

We are excited about the opportunities to help clients in international markets!


Mr. Giordano has more than 20 years of domestic and international experience in the electrical submersible pump industry related to technical sales, supply chain management and customer service.