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Core Competencies

Raising Expectations

The Gold Standard

At Summit we have always prided ourselves on the level of Customer Service we offer to our customers, from the smallest to the largest. To further that commitment, the GOLD STANDARD expands our quality commitment. Under this program, every employee’s highest goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations through superior product performance, service excellence and empowerment by Summit ESP management to provide immediate solutions to our customers’ needs.

Our Beliefs

  • Summit wins when we provide comprehensive technical solutions with flawlessly executed service and support.
  • Summit grows when we exceed our customers’ expectations and inspire them to advocate our products, support and service to others.
  • Summit establishes the Gold Standard in theESP industry through technical capabilities, focus on quality and responsive service.

Our Service Pledge

  • Our highest goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations through superior product performance and service excellence to ensure our customers’ “Complete Satisfaction.”
  • We keep our customers informed from the pre-job planning phase through the job and post-job follow-up.
  • We ensure we have done everything possible to make our customers’ business a success.
  • We will differentiate ourselves and our team members to identify and execute immediate solutions to our customers’ many needs.
Summit ESP Gold Standard

While many ESP providers move toward product-line management, they, by definition, have a singular focus on the manufactured product. At Summit ESP, we have a different approach. We believe that going from good to great and staying there requires us to hold ourselves to a higher standard, especially when it comes to customer service in today’s energy industry. Our GOLD STANDARD of SERVICE is our challenge to ourselves. This allows us to keep our full focus on our customers’ needs by constructing quality products safely and by consistently delivering excellence in service.

Core Competencies


Summit strives to earn the full trust and confidence of our customers, business partners, employees and those in our communities. We consider it a privilege to be involved in the lives of our associates and will always go the extra mile to build relationships based on our integrity and the full assurance that Summit is trustworthy in all our efforts.


Summit recognizes that in today’s fast-paced business environment, responsiveness is essential to resolving challenges and maximizing profits. To that end, we will always respond quickly and appropriately to needs as they arise. We know that we are expected to be there with the right solutions for our partner’s needs and we will always respond in a timely and effective manner to any challenge that may arise.


Reliability is the hallmark of a good business relationship. Summit’s reputation as a reliable business associate is backed by our unending efforts to provide the very best in products, services and support. Summit strives to be the best in all we do, not just once but in every scenario, every time.


Summit’s success is based largely on the experience and knowledge of our people. Summit’s vast and deep base of professional support ensures that we will provide the very best to our customers and the assurance that we can be counted on to provide the best solution for the need.


While our vast knowledge and experience equips us to provide the highest in professional services and products, Summit will never stop looking for unique solutions to difficult situations. We will approach each challenge with fresh insights and look for innovative solutions to solve even the most challenging problems.