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Corsair – Motor



A difference you can see.

Summit CORSAIR motors surpass industry standard motors in construction and performance. The standard Summit CORSAIR motor matches the construction of what the industry has called premium motors. The Summit CORSAIR Motor can be upgraded to include compliant tungsten carbide bearings and a patent pending insulation that combines polyimide insulation with PEEK, giving the best of both worlds combining the dielectric strength of polyimide and the temperature rating of PEEK. Summit CORSAIR Motors provide the operator with the highest level of performance in the harshest downhole environments. Summit CORSAIR Motors are the New Standard in Electric Submersible Motors. In a word, Summit CORSAIR Motors are truely heroic.


The new CORSAIR rotor bearing is not inserted and is thicker, allowing for better heat transfer and less vibration.

New design utilizes shaped rotor bars, resulting in less current waste and more efficient motors.

Non-recessed bearing allows for more copper and reduced friction and heat. Larger Big Foot bearing increases heat transfer reducing internal motor temperatures.

Summit CORSAIR standard motors can be upgraded to Big Foot tungsten carbide self-aligning bearings.

Extend Motor Life

The average stator winding insulation life decreases rapidly with increased motor internal operating temperatures. Every 10°C rise in temperature above the insulation material’s rating reduces life expectancy by 50%. Consequently, the selection of quality insulation materials that can withstand higher temperatures and the implementation of motor design features that reduce heat generation and build-up will greatly extend motor life


Features and Benefits: 456 & 562

Precision Hand wound stators

Allows for more room in slot for additional mag wire increasing efficiencies and performance. Hand winding versus machine winding allows for exact placement of mag wire at every turn reducing wire to wire rub and damage during construction increasing motor reliability.

Non-recessed rotors

More copper, eliminates need for inserting motor bearing into recessed area reducing friction and heat improving reliability and performance.

Self aligning wide profile Big Foot bearings

Wide profile larger bearing increases heat transfer reducing internal motor temperatures. Wide profile large motor bearing also distributes side loads over larger area reducing fretting damage in the stator laminations.

All steel closed slot stator construction

Optimizes motor performance

Non-magnetic positive locking bearings

Optimizes bearing performance during operation.

Shaped rotor bars

More copper, increased efficiency

Standard double wrapped polyimide insulated windings

Added protection improves reliability.

Head and base bushings are self- aligning carbide.

Exact clearance is maintained because both bushing and sleeve are made from the same material. The self-aligning bushings reduce vibration.

Increased lubrication slots

Custom blended oils used with increased lubrication slots to reduce mechanical wear and improve reliability and runtimes.