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The Most Technically Advanced Downhole Sensor in the World

Sensor models


The Summit M5-125 Sensor measures intake pressure, temperature, motor temperature, vibration and current leakage in a reliable five-channel design. The sensor has a maximum intake temperature of 257° F (125° C) and captures all the basic data required to protect your ESP motor and extend run life.

The Summit M5-150 Sensor is an advanced model providing maximum protection of down-hole components by monitoring vibration, current leakage, motor temperature, intake pressure and intake temperature. The M5-150 has a maximum intake pressure of 6500 psi and a maximum intake temperature of 302° F (150°C). To determine motor temperature, the M5- 150 sensor uses a probe to measure the motor oil, which is critical to accurately identify the conditions being experienced by the down hole equipment.

The Summit M6-150 Sensor is selected when complete system data is critical. By gathering intakepressure, intake temperature, motor temperature, vibration, current leakage and discharge pressure, the Summit M6-150 sensor gives a complete picture of the down-hole operational condition. Changes in vibration identify mechanical component issues, while discharge pressure provides pump performance indicators.

Summit ESP offers a suite of sensors that in tandem with our advanced surveillance package provides real-time monitoring of downhole ESP equipment to enhance operational efficiency, minimize downtime and optimize production.

Our M5-125, M5-150 and M6-150 sensors are engineered to monitor critical operating parameters to instantly head off any potential issues that could damage the ESP and result in expensive workovers and delayed production.

The sensors ensure downhole performance remains steady within predetermined limits, which if exceeded can shut down the ESP system. Easy to install, operate and requiring no maintenance, Summit’s sensors continuously monitor intake pressure, intake temperature, motor temperature, vibration and current leakage.

The M6- 150 offers maximum protection by monitoring discharge pressure to pinpoint holes in the tubing, plugging or similar issues that can adversely affect pump performance. Each sensor communicates bottom-hole pressures and temperatures over our existing ESP cable and directly to the Summit ESP variable speed drive.

The communication network includes a userfriendly interface for analyzing well performance in real time. The highly reliable capacitance transducer design ensures the most accurate readings, thus forewarning of issues that threaten the integrity of down-hole equipment.

All Summit ESP sensors are easily connected to our real-time surveillance package that allows operators to remotely adjust operating parameters to maximize run life and production.


  • Easy integration into Summit’s variable speed drives and switchboards
  • Sensor information is displayed directly on the drive interface
  • Simple, two-wire connection to the Summit ESP monitoring system
  • Remote access to surface and down-hole information via the monitoring system
  • Custom alarming and notification configured directly on the drive


  • Real time monitoring and proactive problem solving optimizes production
  • User-friendly setup and operation, requiring no calibration and minimal training for field personnel
  • Prevents premature failures and associated work over costs
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Maximizes operational life transmitting data through ESP cable avoids additional cable and installation costs
Specifications M5-125 M5-150 M6-150
Five Channels Pi, Ti, Tm, Vxy, Cl Pi, Ti, Tm, Vxy, Cl Pi, Ti, Tm, Vxy, Cl
Transducer Type Capacitance Capacitance Capacitance
Maximum Intake Pressure 5000 psi 6500 psi 6500 psi
Pressure Accuracy ± 0.5% Full Scale ± 0.5% Full Scale ± 0.5% Full Scale
Pressure Resolution ± 0.1 psi ± 0.01 psi ± 0.01 ps
Maximum Intake Temperature 125° C (257° F) 125° C (257° F) 150° C (302° F)
Temperature Accuracy ± 2° C ± 1° C ± 1° C
Temperature Resolution ±0.1° C ±0.1° C ±0.1° C
Maximum Motor Temperature 400° C (752° F) 400° C (752° F) 400° C (752° F)
Vibration (x & y Axis) 418g 10g 10g
Vibration Resolution 0.01g 0.01g 0.01g
Current Leakage Range 0-50mA 0-50mA 0-50mA
Current Resolution 001g 001g 50uA
Maximum Voltage 3000v 5000v 5000v
Diameter 3.75” 3.75” 3.75”
Length 38.0” 44.0” 49.85”
Housing Material Carbon or Stainless Carbon or Stainless Carbon or Stainless