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SandRight™ Solids Fallback Preventer

SandRight™ Solids Fallback Preventer

Sand Management Tool

The SandRight™ solids fallback preventer deters damaging solids from entering the electrical submersible pump (ESP) during power shutdown events. Its unique design features preserve the ESP, especially in wells subject to dislodged formation and frac sands. Unlike other solutions in the industry, it maintains the ability to execute through-tubing chemical treatments while also resisting paraffin/scale buildup by using superior materials. Inspired by the experience and observations obtained while executing the LIFTRightSM service and drawing from cross-product line experience in fracking and fluid-proppant transport, the tool was specially designed to be compact and easily integrated into our REDLift™ XT ESP production system.

When an ESP is shutdown, solids hovering in the production tubing above the ESP are a major issue, especially in unconventional applications. These solids fall back to the ESP pump(s) and become lodged in the pumps’ stages. Restart attempts can overstress motors, accelerate pump wear, overheat cable and/or result in catastrophic failure. The SandRight tool not only protects ESP pumps from permanent damage due to solids fallback, but also significantly increases an ESP’s runtime in unconventional applications.

The SandRight tool is compact, is easily deployed, and out-performs all other solutions on the market. Its unique sand fallback prevention capabilities address all known issues with most fallback preventers – such as erosion/corrosion, paraffin buildup, incompatibility with desanders, and jamming issues – while retaining the ability to perform through-tubing chemical treatments. Specifically, it helps:

  • Plug-&-Play components
  • Simple, fast setup and control with no scrolling required
  • Touch screen color display provides complete and clear information in any light condition
  • Reliable communication via Ethernet Communications
  • Robust design
  • On-demand trending


  • Plate-flow design
  • Directional and graduated passageways
  • Hardened and corrosion-resistant metallurgy
  • Inert coatings on all wetted surfaces
  • Poppet design in protective valve body
  • Continuous fluid communication passageways
  • Two different models for max. flow rates up to 2,500 or 4,000


  • Stops sand from flowing in reverse direction
  • Creates a ‘leak-off’ effect for wide range of sand concentration and flowrates
  • Provides higher abrasion resistance for long wear
  • Resists paraffin and scale build-up
  • Prevents tool from jamming
  • Supports gas management and through-tubing treatments
Lab tests show sand fallback simulation and bridge forming validation.
Field tests show continuous restarts with low stress on the ESP.

Basic Operation:

1. Shutdown occurs and sand falls back towards the ESP.

2. Sand bridging forms in the SandRight tool, thereby restricting passage of sand.

3. Pumps are successfully restarted.

4. Sand column above the SandRight tool is re-fluidized and pushed/flowed toward the surface.

Competitive Advantage

Length OD Compatible with Through-Tubing Chemical Treatments Protected from Jamming Protected from Corrosion Protected from Erosion Protected from Paraffin/Scale Buildup Compatible with Desanders
Competitor A
Competitor B
Competitor C
Competitor D
Competitor E