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Electric Submersible Pump System

Tiger Shark – Pump

Summit ESP has designed and developed the optimum pump line for producing and developing unconventional resource plays The high performance Tiger Shark XR (extended range) pumps are part of Summit’s […]

Liberator – Gas Separator

Summit ESP offers a high performance suite of Vortex gas separators designed to mitigate the downtime and other impacts of free gas excessive ingestion into electric submersible pumps during oil […]

Defender – Seal

Summit ESP sealing mechanisms are designed to extend the operational life of electric submersible pumping (ESP) systems by equalizing downhole pressure and preventing the intrusion of damaging wellbore fluids. Configurations […]

Corsair – Motor

Summit CORSAIR motors surpass industry standard motors in construction and performance. The standard Summit CORSAIR motor matches the construction of what the industry has called premium motors. The Summit CORSAIR […]

Hellcat – Sensor

Summit ESP offers a suite of sensors that in tandem with our advanced surveillance package provides real-time monitoring of downhole ESP equipment to enhance operational efficiency, minimize downtime and optimize […]

SandRight™ Solids Fallback Preventer

The SandRight™ solids fallback preventer deters damaging solids from entering the electrical submersible pump (ESP) during power shutdown events. Its unique design features preserve the ESP, especially in wells subject […]