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Summit Well Surveillance
and Monitoring

Well Surveillance-1

Summit ESP’s holistic approach to well surveillance backed with 24/7 monitoring services, increases production, improves run life and reduces downtime and labor.

Operational Benefits

Real-time well surveillance increases the return on investment of an ESP system and the multi-million-dollar investment in the well’s production potential. Without the use of a monitoring system, optimizing an ESP can require extensive manpower and onsite field service. Operators are forced to send field personnel to the well site to collect performance data and restart the wells after nuisance shutdowns due to set points that quickly become irrelevant as well conditions change.

Summit ESP’s well surveillance program eliminates the need for manual interventions. Set points can be adjusted without the need to send field personnel out to location. Operators are able to specify acceptable operating ranges via a remote computer or mobile device. If an operating parameter drifts outside of the specified range, the operators are automatically alerted through text messages, phone calls or emails. This alert system allows for rapid intervention without the added expense and delays associated with dispatching field personnel to remote well locations where cell phones may not function. Summit’s full-service intensive monitoring platform arms analysts with all set points and logs, enabling them to act quickly and accurately in real time.

Flexible Systems

Summit’s well surveillance platform supports multiple SCADA systems that store key operating parameters in a centralized database for remote monitoring, analysis and control. This, coupled with Summit’s proprietary web-based field service ticketing, dispatch and applications engineering system, gives our monitoring group a complete 360° view of each well’s equipment and operations.

The SCADA systems track and plot key parameters in real time, including motor current, VSD frequency, winding temperature, and pump intake pressure into an interface that has been optimized for readability. Operators and Summit’s surveillance group closely monitor trends and make any necessary adjustments remotely or notify field personnel.

24/7/365 Expert Analysis and Coverage

Summit ESP’s team of degreed petroleum engineers continuously monitor wells on a 24-hours-per-day, 365-days-per- year basis from our state-of-the-art monitoring center. For every newly installed system, engineers configure personalized alerts that automatically notify field personnel and engineers of any problems. Each time a well is surveilled, engineers reassess alerts, minimizing nuisance alarms and optimizing performance.

Using Summit’s proprietary web-based applications engineering software, surveillance engineers mathematically model the operating conditions of downhole equipment and inflow characteristics unique to each well, allowing them to fine-tune operating conditions, maximizing production, reducing operating costs and extending run life.

Many operators hold regular weekly meetings with Summit’s surveillance engineers and regional personnel where they are presented with an overview of their wells’ performance. These meetings allow operators to work together with diverse ESP experts to get the most out of their operations. Summit’s surveillance engineers often assist in monitoring wells on an operator’s in-house SCADA well management systems as well.

Operational Information

Monitoring the SCADA parameters for each well is just the first part of the picture. The SCADA system itself allows engineers to understand the in-situ operational condition of the ESP—when to make remote adjustments and when to notify field personnel of any issues or shutdowns.

Equipment and Field Service History

Access to each well’s equipment and field service history. Summit ESP’s proprietary web-based field service and equipment tracking system provides a comprehensive history of every well. It gives operators and applications engineers an immediate overview of currently installed equipment. Further, it provides a complete history of all field service interventions, previous problems with the wells and what was done to fix those problems.

Performance Analysis

Access to a proprietary web-based sizing system. Summit ESP’s proprietary web-based applications engineering software enables operators and applications engineers to quickly perform performance analysis on wells, modeling current operating conditions and making recommendations on how to optimize production and extend run life.

Dispatch Control

A complete view of all available field service technicians and their current locations. Summit ESP’s proprietary realtime dispatch system allows customers and applications engineers to view the well and field via global positioning system data, see real-time locations of nearby field service technicians and quickly dispatch them to wells that require immediate attention.