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Summit’s Hercules HPS Saves Operator Over $200,000 a Year

Summit's Hercules HPS Saves Operator Over $200,000 a Year

Customer Challenge

A customer with over 30 competitor Horizontal Pumping Systems in Illinois wanted to improve performance and reduce operating expenses. 

Summit Solution

Summit performed a detailed analysis of the field’s operations and found that the main cause of downtime was due to thrust chamber failures which cost over $10,000 per repair.

The existing infrastructure was built around the competitor’s product, so after meeting with the customer to present our findings, the Summit HPS team began developing an option to remanufacture the competitor’s thrust chamber.  The customer stated that the competition wasn’t able or willing to do that and has since awarded the work to Summit.

Summit ESP's Hercules™ HPS


At a cost of $3250 per unit, Summit’s remanufacture solution reduced the customer’s annual operating cost by $202,500 in addition to reducing downtime. Summit’s entire organization has been involved in this effort from engineering to manufacturing and supply chain and as a result, Summit delivers within 96 hours whereas the competitor’s delivery time took 4-6 weeks.