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The Most Technically Advanced Variable Speed Drives in the World

Above: ACS-15 Drive

Summit ESP Variable Speed Drives (VSD) offer a variety of features that make them the best choice for your applications. They offer reliability, accuracy, flexibility, equipment protection, Plug-&-Play capabilities that ensure user friendly operation, and a long run life for your equipment. Easily operated and adaptable for changing well conditions, the modular Summit ESP VSD is a highly reliable state-of-the art design ideally suited for harsh environment service.

The on-demand trending capacity of the Summit VSD facilitates proactive problem resolutions to minimize downtime. Specially optimized for ESP service, all of our VSDs are designed with rugged heavy-gauge steel and configured in pad-mountable units suitable for outdoor use and an advanced cooling system. The Summit VSD incorporates an isolated intake and exhaust system that effectively eliminates re-circulation of hot air, thus allowing the drive to operate with high efficiency in extreme environments. Each of our VSD models also feature surge arresters to protect the drive (SPDs), and nearby operators, from voltage surges caused by power fluctuations or lightning.

The key to summit VSD is a standard sine wave filter engineered to:

  • Increase the efficiency of the VSD unit
  • Increase ESP runtime
  • Extend motor, transformer and cable life by virtue of the lower voltage stresses and reduced operating temperature of an efficient sine wave
  • Reduce output harmonics
  • Eliminates voltage spikes

The Summit VSD is recognized as the easiest drive on the market to both set-up and operate with a display that is usable in most light conditions makes it especially user friendly. What’s more, its variable configuration provides the capacity for industry-leading flexibility in input/output (I/O), options and set-up – all in a one-package unit.

The complete line of Summit VSDs offer optional components that include:

  • Radio communications to provide accurate, real-time monitoring via the internet
  • Plug-&Play down-hole sensor connection that connects easily to most manufacturers down-hole sensor models
Primary Design Features
Output Range @ 480V * 10 – 1500 KVA
45-66 Hz Input Frequency Standard
Output: AC Volts maximum Input Voltage Base
Output Frequency Range: Hz 0 – 500
Initial Output Current 200% for 2 seconds
Overload: 1 Minute 110%
High Intensity LED Status Indicator Standard
VSD Enclosure Heat Exhaust System Standard
Operator Access Door Standard
Enclosure Space Heater Optional
Oversize Enclosure Standard
Maximum Cable Length 15,000 ft.
Protection Features
Semi-Conductor Fuses Standard
AC Input Circuit Disconnect Standard
Input Line Reactors – 3% Standard
Phase Rotation Insensitive Standard
EMI Filter Optional
Input Phase Loss Protection Standard
Input Over-voltage Protection Standard
Line Surge Protection Standard
Output Short Circuit Protection Standard
Output Ground Fault Protection Standard
Output Phase Protection Standard
Over-temperature Protection Standard
DC Over-voltage Protection Standard
Drive Under-Speed Protection Standard
Drive Under-Load Protection Standard
Drive Over-load Protection Standard
Motor Over-load Protection Standard
Local/Remote Keypad Standard
Touch Screen Color Operator Interface Standard
Keypad Lockout Standard
Fault Alarm Output Standard


  • Plug-&-Play components
  • SCADA ready
  • Simple, fast setup and control with no scrolling required
  • Touch screen color display provides complete and clear information in any light condition
  • Reliable Ethernet Communications
  • On-demand trending
  • Robust frequency converter
  • Sine wave filtered pulse-width modulation (PWM) output


  • Reduces maintenance
  • Maximizes production
  • Increases ESP uptime
  • Operates efficiently in harsh environments
  • Extends ESP run-life
  • Promotes proactive problem solving
  • Optimizes production flexibility with changing well conditions

Human Interface Features

  • Setup Adjustment Provisions:
  • Tri-Tap® Color Operator Interface
  • USB port for downloading logging files
  • Operator Control Provisions:
  • Serial Communications
  • 115V AC Control Circuit (Optional)
  • Speed Setting Inputs:
  • 4-20 mA Isolated
  • PID Control